Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dr. Dale A. Hansen, MD

Good News!!! Dr. Dale Hansen performed a coronary angiogram on me this morning and didn’t find blockage to warrant the insertion of a stent or any other procedure at this time. He will write up a report on his findings and recommendation to discuss with our family Doctor Summa. While I’m sure it will include many unfamiliar medical terms, the most optimistic words I heard him say was, “I wish my heart was in as good a condition as yours”.  There may be some followup on my shortness of breath, but it is something I can “cope with” if nothing else shows up. 
It was a full day with Carolyn picking us up at 5:30, checking in at 6:30 and being in my hospital “apron”, answering nurses questions by 7:30. The actual procedure was done between 9 and 10:00am. I was given a “Chicken Pot Pie” for lunch at 11:00 and released about 2:00pm.
We were home by 3:00 and eating apple pie and ice cream soon after. We were very impressed with Dr. Hansen’s professionalism; as we were with the many staff people with whom we were in contact. Words cannot explain the help and support that Carolyn provided to both Elaine and I. She not only provided door-to-door transportation, but helped with carrying out some of the instructions, was able to send out email messages to family, and to brighten our spirits with “Sadie Stories” and pictures on her phone of Jack .  We have had responses from all of her messages to share the Good News. We have had rain most of the day, but the white peony is representative of a very bright day.

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