Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lynette & Jack Broderick

At our Church Service this morning, Lynette Broderick reported on the Great Plains Annual Conference held in Wichita, KS June 10th-13th. This is the annual business meeting of clergy and lay people from every United Methodist Church in the conference (NE & KS). Lynette and Rev. Dale Lambert represented the Seward United Methodist Church. Lynette is a recently retired school teacher and has a special ability to “entertain” while making presentations. This morning she had a “cast” of 5 seated on chairs in front of the Church with a “gift” she had brought home to each of them. As she asked them to individually open their presents, they would ask her, what the item had to do with the conference. This was her “cue” to proceed and make a significant point. The last item was a small globe which opened the way for her to talk about new direction of Mission Programs. This item was further enforced by her being with the Minister with a basket of small chocolate balls wrapped as a globe, as we left the Sanctuary,. She and husband Jack went on to serve the treats and drinks at Social Hour. Jack was also a teacher; the positive impact they made on students is unmeasurable and they continue to utilize their special skills. Thanks to both of you for the positive impact you have had,  and continue to have on this Seward Community. 

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