Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jack and The Future

We were happy to have Jack with us for a while today. This is the first time that he has been alone with us. He was a real good boy and appeared to be interested in whatever we talked about. I didn’t tell him about Donald Trump running for President and kicking off his campaign today. That makes 12 Republicans that have already announced. Might the large number of potential candidates be a positive sign that the Major political parties no longer have the control they have exercised in the past. Or does this mean that: “The ability to raise campaign funds” is more important than the ability to provide leadership. I look forward to being able to explain to Jack that my life’s work was the conservation of our Soil and Water Natural Resources so that they might be utilized on a sustainable basis by future generations. I doubt that Jack will be involved in a career similar to mine, but do believe he and his generation will be even more committed to the Sustainable Use of our Natural Resources than we are today. It’s not just because he’s my Great Grandson, but I’m willing to wager that whatever he does, He will be good at it.

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