Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cardiac Catheterization

I am scheduled to enter Bryan East Hospital in Lincoln tomorrow morning and have a Cardiac Catheterization procedure. This follows a recent Stress Test that showed some reason for my shortness of breath when exercising. As I understand, a catheter is inserted in the groin area and threaded up to the heart. If exploratory information suggest that a stent would be beneficial to increase blood flow, it will be inserted during the process. I realize this is personal information that you may not expect to see on a blog page but it is done for family, friends and for myself. This makes an excellent record of what we were involved with at a given time. I find the little “search block” at the top, left corner of the home page, most useful in going back to see “what” and “when” certain things have been mentioned. In preparing for our Kiwanis 50th Anniversary, it was useful in bringing up several blogs in which I referred to the Kitones. Jack and I got together a couple times today in our continuing efforts to plan for the event. Our Kiwanis Club is at a challenging communication point. In 1996, 17% of our membership was on email and today, we have about 10% that are still not. Up until 5 years ago we had an excellent booklet, published each year that was Key to communication. Eventually, all of our members will use social media but are now in transition.  

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