Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tracks in the Snow

We awoke this morning to about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground. Our bird feeder in the back yard is about 10 feet from our kitchen windows. Some of the seeds that are put in the feeder are scatter under it by the birds as they feed. There are as many "bottom feeders" as actually eat from the feeder. Elaine noticed some of the unusual tracks that were around the bottom of the feeder. In addition to the bird tracks, these also appeared. In the past we have had the Police Department set live traps in the back yard when they caught Raccoons, Opossum, and Cats. We may have to do that again but are curious of what we may have under the deck or in the neighborhood. We have storm sewer inlets at the street intersection less than half a block away. It seems to be the super highway for varmints. I also took a picture of tracks on our deck.
There is no question as to these being rabbit tracks. There is an "Old Wives Tale" that the date in the fall when we get our first snowfall will indicate the number of snows that we will receive during the winter. The criteria for counting a snowfall is the amount necessary to track a rabbit. Last night's snow was definitely a counter. The proponents of the old adage have been known to write some of the questionable light snows on their calendars in pencil. There are usually 3-4 questionable snows each winter which can be used as necessary to "confirm" the accuracy of the prediction.  "Old wives" were pretty ingenious

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