Friday, March 21, 2014

Exercise bike and March Madness

I commented at coffee one morning that riding my exercise bike caused a "click" in my left knee. It is the knee that was hurt sliding into 2nd base years ago and resulted in a cartridge being removed. After extensive home "weight lifting" therapy, it served me well.  I walked thousands of miles while a technician with the USDA Soil Conservation Service, as well as hunting, playing golf, etc.  One of my coffee friends asked about how I had the seat set on my exercise bike and I said it was set down low so it was easier for Elaine and I to get on. He suggested that I raise it to where my leg would be straighted out like we always set our riding bicycle seats. I did that and found that it makes a difference. I rode quite a bit today to lessen the frustration of Duke getting beat by Mercer and Baylor beating Nebraska.  I was pleased with Creighton's showing and look to their playing Arizona in the Elite 8. I was more disappointed with Nebraska's showing than surprised at their loss. We are watching Wichita State pull away from Cal Poly and wonder if we haven't overlooked the importance of players being on the same team for a number of years. I understand that the 5 Mercer seniors were the starting team for all 35 of their victories this season. While you can't criticize the top recruits who play a couple years and get a couple million dollars or more for turning pro, I wonder if it's the best way to develop winning teams. Maybe it's a way of "leveling the field" between the Elite basketball schools like Duke and the others. 

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