Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Janice and Mark

Sister Janice commented on yesterday's blog that she and her son Mark had visited our house back in the Washington, D.C. area where we lived some years ago. This picture was taken during that visit on May 4, 1977. Mark was part of a school Safety Patrol group and Janice was a counselor for them. We met them for lunch at Smithsonian, took them home with us after work and for supper and then took them back down to their hotel. In checking my Diary, I found that my notes were very brief. My job was very demanding during those years with very little time to write about it. It's always interesting looking at old pictures like this. 
It seemed like very few years between the time these pictures were taken and I rode around with Deputy Sheriff Mark one afternoon while he was on duty out in California. Some of the things in the background of pictures also take on added significance as time goes on. The little cast iron stove showing on the mantle between Elaine and Janice is something that Great Granddaughter Sadie played with at our house a few days ago. The other wall hangings are still very much a part of our decor.  It's been nearly 37 years and most of use haven't held our age as well as the little stove. But if God had intended us to stay the same, he probably would have caused us to be "stoves" instead of his "children". 

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