Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Continuation of Turner Ancestry

This is the Guthman memorial tower at the Greenwood Cemetery that I referred to yesterday in "Homage to my Irish Ancestry". The Turner tombstone is shown in the foreground with Christopher's Civil War star visible at the very bottom of the picture. Many of Seward's earlier settlers are buried here with interesting monuments. The Guthman tower was a gift and remodeled quite recently. It can now be played by remote control with chimes making beautiful music that can be heard all over the north part of town. It carries well over to the golf course and the Methodist church where I go to Kitone practice (as well as church) is near by. The tower has been an attraction for Turkey Vulchers. Some of the neighbors objected to them but environmental interest prevailed and they were not frightened away nor destroyed.

This is also the same house that I showed a picture of yesterday that was taken in 1907. It included my Mother as a little girl. The  house has always been well maintained but a couple years ago it was updated with new windows, roof, siding and front porch. I mentioned in yesterday's blog that the Christopher Turner's built the house and that all of their eight Children were born here. That would take the date of the houses original construction back to around 1880. It must be one of the oldest houses in Seward. 

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