Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Music Man

We attended the Seward HS performance of the "Music Man" this afternoon. This is one of the early scenes where Mrs. Paroo (Hayli Frosheiser) is discussing the need for a husband with her daughter Marian, the Librarian (Kayleah  Moravec). The Music man (Kyle Rojewski) has already arrived in River City but the Librarian wants nothing to do with him as he organizes a "Boys Band". The Mayor and the ladies of the town get involved and a lot of excitement is generated by the Music Man who plans to make some money selling band instruments and uniforms and leave town. But you all know the story. In the end, Marian comes to the rescue of the Music Man to keep him from being tar & feathered and the boys do have a "Band". All of the kids did an excellent job of portraying their characters. Kayleah has an excellent voice and Kyle was outstanding in his role as the Music Man. Their final song was most touching. Leslie Stratton, the Director, just continues to develop talent year after year. She helps do for us what the Music Man did for River City. I must admit a bit of family history and tell that Kayleah's Great Great Grandmother and my Grandmother were sisters.

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  1. We enjoyed the play as well. My granddaughter Hayli Frosheiser played the part of Mrs. Paroo. It was the part she wanted despite the lack of a large sing role. Hayli was selected for "All State" choir two years in a row. She currently is attending Concordia University with a major in vocal performance and graphic design. She and Kayleah also starred together the year before in "Beauty and The Beast". Kayleah has a lovely voice and look forward to hearing her as a senior at Seward High School this year.