Thursday, March 27, 2014

ATTITUDE by Charles Swindoll

I referred to Charles Swindoll recently in my blog on Dana Snyder who used this "Attitude" message of Swindoll's as a theme for his talk. My sister Janice who lives in California, commented that she uses this as part of the orientation for HS students who work as volunteers at their Merced Hospital. She says it is posted on their Bulletin Board for all to see. She also sent me a copy of Swindoll's message on "Commitment". I must admit that when Dana asked at Kiwanis how many of us were familiar with Swindoll, I didn't raise my hand, though many of our Club did. After a minimal amount of research on the web, I find that he is an evangelical Christian Pastor, author, educator, and radio preacher. He is the Senior Pastor at the Stonebrier Community Church in Frisco, TX. It is interesting that Wikepedia information  indicates that he "overcome a severe stuttering problem" while in HS. I assume Dana was aware of that but didn't mention it. Swindoll does have an ability to "break down" some very important "life shaping" messages into simple, understandable language. And, after all, isn't much of our "character" shaped by a few simple principles or "truths". 

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