Monday, March 24, 2014

Dana E. Snyder

Dana E. Snyder, one of our Seward Kiwanis members gave the program this noon at our weekly meeting. Dana has been retired from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for a few years and lives here in Seward. He used some of Charles Swindall's material and spoke on "Attitude". It was an excellent message and program but even more interesting is Dana himself. We first met over 30 years ago in Lincoln, where I was with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission soon after our coming back from Washington, D.C.  We worked closely with the SCS (my former federal agency and predecessor of NRCS). Dana has a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering and was of help to us in a joint project; however, he had difficulty expressing himself because of stuttering. Some time went by before we crossed paths again and to my amazement, he no longer stuttered. According to Dana, he joined a local Club of Toastmaster's International which helped him overcome the problem. He also became an excellent Motivational Speaker and has traveled widely over the USA conducting training sessions for Toastmaster's Int'l. In addition to his speaking engagements he also provides Soil and Water Conservation Engineering services as an LLC. He is an excellent speaker and his message comes from the heart. I admire him.

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