Saturday, March 22, 2014

Maytag Gas/Oil Can

There was an Auction at the Seward Ag Building today that contained some of the largest collections of various items that I have ever seen.  I understand the collection was from people in Lincoln who spent years collecting many things. Their son and his wife were there and worked with the Underwood Auction people conducting the sale with 2 rings. There were thousands of wooden yardsticks, many, many egg beaters, rolling pins, hammers, ice picks, ice cream scoops, shoe horns, scrapbooks, books, phonograph records, various hand tools, etc. Carolyn came down and joined me to watch things sell. She got a few bargains and as we watched things sell at one table I spotted a Maytag Gas/Oil Can like we had when I was a kid. I hadn't seen one for years and remembered how Mother would put in a small container of Maytag oil and then add gas up to the marker for the proper mix. The curved spout was just right for pouring into the engine's fuel tank. When the Auctioneers were about to reach the box that included the can, the son of the people whose stuff was being sold, asked the ring man to pull the can and sell it in his presence. I got in a couple bids before realizing that he was going to buy it. Carolyn even bid a couple times hoping to get it for me before I was able to tell her what was going on. He was able to "keep it in the family", and I'm sure it means more to him than to me. But, it did bring back many memories and I was proud of Carolyn's willingness to buy it for me even if it didn't work out. I have found that they are available on eBay and that is where I got this picture.

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