Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3515 Laurel Leaf Lane

This is the last of the 3 homes that we had in the Washington, D. C. area during our 18 years back there. This 5 bedroom, 4 bath house was our home for only 4 years, and we certainly enjoyed it. It was located in the Mantua area of Fairfax County just outside the beltway. We built a big deck with double glass doors off the Dining room on the back side of the house where we enjoyed the big tree-covered back yard. We planted many Azaleas and other shrubs to enhace the native beauty of the trees. The southern edge of the property is just beyond the right edge of the picture. An old air photo shows a wagon trail that led from downtown D. C. out to the Manassas battlefield that went along the south edge of this property. An old Civil War story tells of many people riding out on a Sunday afternoon to see what they thought would just be a local "uprising" and didn't suspect that it would lead to the Civil War.

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  1. I visited you at this house - I think it was when I was a counselor for Mark's Safety Patrol group on their trip to D.C. Or was it for something else? Sure glad you keep a diary to keep up with all our adventures! Did you get Philip's latest news? He's sure hoping everything goes through for his Internship in D.C. next August!!!