Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bob's Barber Shop

I got my hair cut at Bob's Barber Shop yesterday and am very pleased with the result. It brought back memories of his shop from years back. Jess, at another shop has cut my hair for the past several years but she is on maternity leave so it was necessary to find an alternative. I quit Bob's shop years ago after a bad experience but am glad to be back. He has been in the shop since 1976 when he took over for Mart Mailand. I remember of Mart cutting my hair there a couple times when we were back from Washington. I was about 16 years old when Mart  was in a smaller shop and cut my hair for the first time. It was after I had worked on Highway construction and was able to pay for a haircut. Mother always cut my hair prior to that time and I'm sure, many times after that. I believe that first haircut cost 35 or 50 cents.  Mart's son tells me that when haircuts went up to $1.00, he was concerned it would end the "Barber Business" and now Bob's price is $14.00. (Which is still less than Jess.) That is some measure of the inflation we have experienced during the past 50-60 years. 

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