Monday, March 10, 2014

Carolyn & Tim

 Here are a couple nice looking Wakefield High School students in Arlington, VA a few years ago. Their other 2 brothers were probably involved in some other activity and missed getting included in the picture. It was probably about this time that Tim had the privilege of taking the Volkswagen and going on a date. He stopped at Eudy's filling station a couple blocks from where we lived and ask the attendant to put in $5.00 worth of gas. The attendant laughed at him and asked where he wanted them to put it. In those days gas was about 35cents/gal. and the tank only held about 12 gallons. How times have changed. We filled our Buick up this afternoon at $3.43/gal and it took $37.00 and it wasn't down very low. I suspect Tim might have had something else on his mind that evening.
Carolyn came down to visit last evening and reported on some of Sadie's activities. The years go by very quickly from the time of being a cute teenager to being an attractive  Grandmother. She always brightens our day.
Tim called last night after Nebraska men's 77-68 Big 10 victory over Wisconsin. It was a "stand up crowd" of 16,000 people in the new Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln. We also talked about the Nebraska women's 72-65 victory over Iowa during the afternoon to win the Big 10 Tournament. We talked about a few other things but basketball was the big topic. I'm looking forward to telling him about Shane, the President of our Kiwanis Clubs' relationship with Doug McDermott. It seems that Shane and his family lived in Wayne, NE near the McDermott's when Doug's Dad was coaching at Wayne State College. Shane tells of having served as a baby-sitter for Doug when he was a little guy. It appears that he has "turned out" pretty well as have the two teenagers in the picture.

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