Sunday, March 30, 2014

Friendship Force

We took "time out" from watching basketball this afternoon and attended Sue Imig's presentation at the Library of the Lincoln Friendship Force trip to England, Scotland and Wales last fall. Sue is pictured in the front row with their group. Having been a school teacher, Sue made an excellent presentation to a large crowd. Members of the Friendship Force spend one day of their tours as Guest of members of the Club in the area they are visiting. Sue has hosted members from Canada who were here in the summer and wanted to visit the area where the Sandhills Cranes "stop over". Though the Cranes had moved on, they were most pleased with the presentations made by the Audubon staff. Sue said her day with the host in England was one of the highlights of the trip. She showed many pictures, told interesting stories that were reminiscent of our trips to Great Britain. We had the added benefit of Elaine's 2n'd cousin and his wife on one of our trips that showed us around "Flowerday" country near Norwich including the house where Elaine's Grandfather was born. It was ahead of a 10 country European trip where Carolyn and Julie accompanied us.

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