Friday, July 24, 2015

We Dug Potatoes

 This was one of our warmest days of the summer with the heat index in Lincoln reaching 114 degrees. The air temperature reached 99 degrees. We dug potatoes this morning as soon as I got home from coffee before it got too hot. We only had a few plants on the south side of the house but got right at 10 pounds. They hardly compare with the ones we enjoyed yesterday at the Potato Bake but will give us a taste of “home grown spuds”.  We were late in getting our Tomato plants in on the west side of the house, but they are coming along nicely. Our vegetable gardening today is a small token of what we did when we had the farm 30 years ago. Our age may have something to do with that as well. Our garden was in what had been an old hog lot and the fertile black soil was most productive and a pleasure to work with. We also had bailed straw to use as mulch and a faucet near by for water if necessary. In addition to providing vegetables to family, the Seward Farmers Market was our major outlet for the abundant production. Gardening was one of our chief pleasures at the farm.

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