Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Appointments with Dr. Mousolf

Elaine and I had appointments with Dr. Mousolf, our Optamologist in Lincoln this afternoon. After having cancelled an appointment earlier this spring when I went to Miami, FL, we hadn’t seen him for nearly a year. We came out pretty well but Elaine will go back in 3-Months for a further check. My next appointment is a year from now. He was even satisfied than neither of us would benefit by changing the lenses of our glasses. Elaine and I even go through most of the examinations together as well as discussions with the Dr. It helps each of us to hear what is being said. After our eyes were dilated this afternoon, we had some 20 minutes alone in the room. There were charts on the wall  similar to the drawing shown, and I wondered just what happened when 
eyes are dilated. As I understand, the colored part of the eye is called the iris. It controls light levels inside the eye similar to the aperture on a camera. The round opening in the center of the iris is called the pupil. The iris is embedded with tiny muscles that dilate (widen) and constrict (narrow) the pupil size. The pupil is the black circular opening in the center of the iris. It opens and closes in order to regulate the amount of light entering the eyeball. My eyes return to normal more quickly than Elaine’s, but we still spent some time in the Ag Campus Dairy Store giving them some extra time to constrict. 

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