Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stepping Stone in Federal Career

I was among this group of “graduates” from the Soil Conservation Service Training Center in Comanche Hall at Ft. Robinson Nebraska in February of 1959. We were a  class of Engineering Technicians being trained to relieve the scarce, professional engineers of many of their duties.  It was a very intense 4-week course that might have been equivalent to some 12-15 college hours of study. We had moved from Seward to Lincoln a few months earlier and I was working on PL-566 Watershed construction projects and as an inspector. This course was a stepping stone that motivated me through college courses on the way towards  Engineering College. However after being chosen for an Administrative Trainee position, I transferred my 70 college hours to Business Administration and went on to get my BA and MBA. It worked out well since I was able to advance in the Civil Service system to the Senior Executive Service level which would probably not have happened had I become an Engineer. I was very fortunate in my Federal Career and recognize that many people contributed to my advancement. No one more than my wife of 66 years, Elaine. (I am the 3rd guy from the left in the back row in from of the tall fellow.)

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