Monday, July 20, 2015

Dr. Braithwaite at Seward Kiwanis

Dr. Chuck Braithwaite on the faculty at UN-L and with the Speaker’s Bureau presented the program of, “African Americans on the Great Plains” at Kiwanis this noon. He told of how,"
People of African descent have been in the Great Plains since at least 1528. Their experiences have been as diverse as any other immigrant to this part of the United States, although they faced many more challenges than other cultural groups. The story of African Americans on the Great Plains is one of making of new communities, being soldiers and creating businesses, battling prejudice and discrimination, struggling for civil rights, and contributing to the cultural growth of America.” His several stories of individuals was most interesting. In many instances it seemed that as people became involved with African Americans on a more personal basis, they were treated as equals. I can personally vouch for that from my experience as Director of Personnel for the USDA Soil Conservation Service some years ago. I remember of being invited out to Dinner in the home of friends after a day of recruitment at one of the 1890 Land Grant Colleges. They had also invited in a few others, and it wasn’t until we had finished dessert, set back to relax, that I realized I was the only white person in the house. 

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