Friday, July 3, 2015

Special Shirt Pocket

My Dad lived by this saying. He embossed it into my “being” as indelibly as any of the great truths. I have no idea of the number of times that I heard him say to me, “Be the labor great or small. Do it well or not at all”. I’m satisfied that it was a part of Dad’s Czech heritage. Mother’s Irish heritage brought a differing philosophy which could be summed up as, “Get r Done” or that “perfection is the enemy of good”. We learn by experience that “it depends” on what we are doing. In my comments yesterday, I complained of not having a pocket on my Kitone shirt. So with Elaine’s sewing skills and willingness to do something beneath her normal standards, she sewed a pocket on my shirt. It is an extra large size shirt with a long tail from which I cut the “pocket”; using the bottom seam of the shirt as the top of the pocket. Elaine did the audios task of hemming the edges and then applying it to the shirt. I am very well pleased with the way it turned out. A professional Taylor or seamstress  might detect that it wasn’t perfect. It will serve my purpose and who looks that closely at an Old Man’s Shirt Pocket. Mother would be pleased that my wife of 66 years could still make me happy by doing something special.  And, I will have a smile on my face as we conclude the program this evening with the singing of “God Bless America”. 

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