Sunday, July 5, 2015

Seward 4th of July Parade

Here is a few of the people that were on our yard and driveway for the parade yesterday. Tim has Jack, with he and Laura joining  Tony all sitting in the “front row” next to the curb. Maggie, Carolyn & Ben and the Owens family are to the left of the picture. My chair was next to Elaine who is visiting with Cheryl and her mother who drove out from Lincoln. Cheryl works at the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and is only one of two who are still with the agency from the time I was there. We did a lot of catching up on changes. We are always pleased to have Shirley and her daughter join us as they have for years.
The Parade was quite typical with fire trucks, old tractors, Big Farm equipment, HS Alumni Classes, Czech Queens, Politicians, SHS Band, Musical Groups and a quasi Streaker. Honoring the WWII Veterans was very commendable. My favorite entry was this old Model A Ford which I could relate to most closely. I do wonder about the practice of nearly every entry throwing candy out in the street and kids crowding out into the street to fill their sacks. Our guests all did an excellent job of cleaning up their debris.

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