Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Humming Birds

I didn’t take this picture but did see a similar looking Humming Bird at our Oriole feeder this morning. We were at the breakfast table when a 3-colored cat was spotted in our back yard. Elaine got my Red Ryder out of the closet and when I went out to scare off the cat, the Humming Bird flew away. I didn’t see that cat nor the old yellow one the rest of the day, but likely one or both will be back in the morning. We cleaned up the Oriole feeder yesterday and put on a new jar of Grape Jelly which may have helped attract it. There was a time when I thought I knew quite a bit about birds, but now find that just about every one I drink coffee with knows more about birds than I do. A couple of the fellows are very knowledgeable and one of them has listed some 60 species already this year right in the community. This mornings discussion of birds was rather short but still got as much time as Donald Trump.

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