Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seward’s 4th of July Celebration and the Kiwanis Kitones

The “4th of July” spirit has already struck Seward. Waldo has been spotted around town (and I expect to see him in Church Sunday).  The Kitones are scheduled to play a role in the “Bob Hope Show” which will be held at the Seward Band Shell tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm. We will help get the party started by opening the program with the singing of American Heroes; a tribute to the US Armed Forces. As I understand, “Bob Hope will invite the Kitones back up to sing God Bless America and then he will invite everyone to stand and sing it again to conclude the program".
.We are also scheduled to sing at Noon on the 4th at the Civic Center Auditorium as the Kitones have for the past Many, Many Years. The above picture is from our 2011 “concert” and the one on the left from 2014.  We have joined society in a less formal manner of dress. Our Director has said  that we sing better when we dress up but even he has conceded to the informal polo shirt style. I have only one legitimate complaint about the polo shirts, and it is that they don’t have a pocket. What to do with your glasses when you can’t walk a straight line with them on and can’t see to sing without them. 

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