Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lost and Found

What you see here is my pen and glasses case (with glasses) attached to a paper sack with stuff to go to the City Recycle Center. With all of our activity the past couple weeks, we had an unusual amount to load up this morning. I typically carry the glasses case, pen and writing pad in my shirt pocket; with the case and pen clipped on. After getting dressed this morning, I picked up my keys, billfold and the shirt pocket items, and did a couple chores in the basement and outside the house. We then collected all the recycle containers and loaded them into the trunk. Verlon handed me the pictured paper sack which contained plastic items that didn’t fit into the regular container. When things were loaded, I went back in the house to read the paper but couldn’t find my glasses nor my pen. After retracing my steps 3-4 times, I decided to go through all of the recyclable material in the trunk. The picture shows what was found when I got back to one of the sacks in the front of the trunk. We realized that I put the sack against my chest in the process of leaning over to put it in the trunk. The sharp edge of the sack very efficiently slipped up under the clips on my glasses case and pen and transferred them to the sack.  I don’t know when I have ever been so baffled by misplacing something. 

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