Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrating the Past & Crawling into the Future

Our small town of 7,000 people expands to some 40,000 for the 4th of July celebration. We have been recognized as Small Town USA for our 4th celebration and this year is no exception. The numbers have probably even grown with the ground breaking of the Nebraska National Guard Museum. The Kiwanis Kitones are shown here backstage ahead of our 12:00 noon performance at the Civic Center. If we discount the age of two “young guys” our average age is 80.5.
One of our family highlights was seeing Great Grandson Jack crawl. He has been able to move around for the past few days but decided this evening that this could be his “recorded” date. We are so pleased to have Tim, Laura, Tony and Maggie here to visit. And, more that ever we so appreciate Carolyn and Ben being right here in town to do so much to help us as we grow older. Julie, John, Sadie and Jack are another valuable treasure right here in town. We are so Blessed to live in this Great County, in a Great Community among old friends and have family here to celebrate our Country’s Birthday. And, to look forward to additional family coming in next week.

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