Sunday, July 26, 2015

Great Old Magazines

There is nothing like feeling you got a good buy at an auction to make it a good day.  That is the case today with these 5 magazines at an Underwood conducted auction for Steve Smiths. They are all in great condition and dated in 1940, 1951, 1961, 1978, and 1983. What a great coverage of over 40 years of our history during the years I remember so well. I have been through every page of the May 6, 1940 Life with the cover picture and lead story of the German Attack of Norway. The headline is, “How America got the news of Norway’s Benedict Arnolds”. I want to read the story but it appears to provide a much different slant than what we were told by the Tour Guide when we visited Norway a few years ago. The full-page Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, Nash, Buick, Mercury Ad’s were most interesting. There are cigarette and whisky ad’s as well as for Whitman’s Sampler candy. It’s full page ad mentions Mother’s Day and says, “There’s no hurt like forgetting...There’s no joy like being remembered”.  A Whitman’s Sampler was probably the first gift I ever gave to Elaine and the last one was this past Mother’s Day. She may even get one for her birthday coming up in September. Oh yes, I out-bid “Tommy Tucker” and got all 5 magazines for $4.00 +26cents tax.

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