Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to Normal on a Hot Day

This is what the Desktop of our HP monitor looked like on the PC this afternoon at 5:30pm with the Lincoln temperature shown at 100 degrees. We did very little outdoors today except for some watering. We did run the Buick through the car wash after Elaine, Verlon and Ken got it in the mud at the old Flowerday farm yesterday. Verlon’s 6:00pm flight out of Lincoln last evening was delayed by weather in the Chicago area. By the time he got to Chicago, the flight to Richmond had left so he spent the rest of the night on a cot in the airport since the local hotels were full. He called from Richmond later this morning and told of the experience. Elaine and I spent most of the day just “getting back to normal”. We have certainly enjoyed and appreciated all the company and activities over the past 3 weeks but “Normal” has its virtues. Janice called to say they were back home in Merced, CA after having been gone for over 3 weeks. This evening we finished watching a DVD that  our Niece, Sandy Vercellino left with us when she, Mick, and Gina Jo were out for the party last Saturday. We had watched part of it earlier when the kids were here and thoroughly enjoyed the whole “show”. It was a compilation of 1960-70’s Soucek VCR tapes that had been edited and placed on the Disc. It primarily included family events, Holidays, Reunions, Vacation trips, Weddings, etc. We forgot how young our parents looked 40 years ago. I want to talk to Sandy  about how she did the excellent job of putting it all together since we have a bunch of VCR tapes, too, that should be on a DVD.

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