Monday, September 30, 2013

Nature's Remedy

This little Tin of Nature's Remedy laxative pills was also in one of the boxes I bought at the Auction on Saturday. The cap is stuck shut and I didn't try to pry it open. It rattles when you shake it so I assume there are still some pills in the box. I hadn't seen anything about "Nature's Remedy" for many years but it brought back the memory of my Brother having a HS girlfriend who's initials were NR. I don't remember the connection but somehow he translated her initials to Nature's Remedy. She didn't stay in Garland HS but transferred to Seward where she graduated. In Garland she was known as "Norma Jean" and when she transferred to Seward, she went by "Jean". It was one way of getting away from the stigma of Joker's referring to her as "Nature's Remedy". Incidentally, I put it on eBay this afternoon and volunteered to pay the postage for the lucky buyer. 

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