Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Impressions

Our First Impressions Committee of the Seward Chamber of Commerce has made (or caused to be made) some progress in the past 15 years to improve the "first impression" visitors have when they come into our city. We now have a lady on the Committee who is following her Mother in conducting walking tours of the City Square on the 4th of July while talking about the businesses, the buildings and their history. The 2nd story of downtown business buildings are not utilized as they were a few years ago and many have fallen into ill repair. This has become very noticeable while conducting the tours. She is working with the local business owners to improve the impression visitors have when they visit our town. She is finding suitable material at our EtCetra Store and offering to put curtains on the upstairs windows without any cost to the owners. A great example of improving First Impressions.

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