Saturday, September 28, 2013

Auction Day

We are watching the Lambrecht vehicle Auction program on the History Channel this evening. It's just amazing what people pay for those old vehicles. It appears to truly be a national, if not international, event. This really put Pierce, Nebraska, on the map. Sixty years ago Pierce was know as the Vetch capitol of Nebraska. During my early days with SCS we went there for a Field Day where harvesting and processing vetch was promoted. And, to think that Mr. Lambrecht was "storing" vehicles even at that time. We also had a large Auction here is Seward today. The Sommerfeld,s have collected a wide range of "stuff" for many years. This was their 2nd or 3rd Auction. The amount of "stuff" still available was amazing.  While prices didn't compare with the Pierce auction, things seemed to sell well here in Seward. I was the successful bidder on two boxes. They included a variety of items and I have already put a couple of them on eBay. Hometown auctions like Sommerfeld's are a social and entertainment event as well as a way to "recycle" merchandise. Jeanie Lambrecht is being interviewed as I write this and told of how the Drought and Depression of the  '30's affected her parents and many of us who were around then and "never throw anything away". 

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