Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sadie's Fancy Rig

We got out to see Julie and Sadie this afternoon. She was standing at the glass storm door to greet us as we pulled up. She seems to change every week. Some of her sounds are getting close to words. She likes her "KiddieKar" and can go backward faster than foreword. It has a "dash-board" with buttons that play different musical tunes. She knows exactly how to play the music that she seems to enjoy so much. We were pleased to see their new lawn green. It looks like it's coming along real well. The grass we seeded here hasn't shown yet. It is to warn up tomorrow but has been cool and cloudy the past several days. Yesterday's high temperature was 65 degrees so that doesn't do much to get grass seeds sprouted. While we were out in the Ridge Run neighborhood, we clipped off a few stems of Switchgrass along the roadside. I have a coffee buddy with a farm and some conservation reserve land and not sure of what the various warm season grasses look like this time of year. I will take the sample along in the morning and have a brief training session. It's amazing what you can learn from coffee drinking buddies. 

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