Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wonders of Nature

Michael Forsberg, wildlife and conservation photographer provided entertainment at the Cattle National Bank & Trust Co., Appreciation Dinner this evening. Michael is a native Nebraskan who is gaining national prominence with his photos and books. This picture of a Bobcat is one taken by "movement triggered" photography at the Audubon Prairie within 15 miles of Lincoln where the Forsberg's live. It was a most interesting program. He spoke and showed pictures of the Sandhills Cranes, his underwater photography of aquatic life,  his involvement with the Platte River Time Lapse Photography Project, etc. We will be watching when more of his work is shown on TV and his pictures in the Nebraska Land Magazine.
We also maintained Elaine's birthday tradition of going for a drive in the country out northeast of Seward where we were raised. It is a beautiful time to drive on the country roads with wildflowers blooming and native grasses and plants in all their splendor. The scene here is at Johnson Dam about 3 miles north of Garland and just over half a mile from where I grew up. I also had the honor of being crew chief of the survey party that "staked out the dam" and was the Construction Inspector when it was being built as one of the early PL-566 dams. The water level in the lake is low this fall because of our dry summer. But our drive this afternoon and seeing the things of nature in all their glory, tied in nicely with Forsberg's message  and pictures celebrating natures wonders.  Happy Birthday, Elaine.

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