Saturday, September 7, 2013

Schweitzer Auction Service conducted the sale of Household Items for the Owens and Einspahr families today. It was held in the 4-H building here in Seward. We had  great help getting brush hauled to the "Burn Pile" early this morning and then down to the Auction. Sadie was there with Julie and John but Grandmothers, Carolyn and Bev shared in the pleasure of taking care of her. I got a couple bargains and Verlon got some neat old tools. Carolyn got several things and all of us enjoyed ourselves. There was a good-sized crowd and the Auctioneers did a great job of catching bids. Like with most Auctions, there are many bargains and some things sell for more than anticipated. It's the Market Economy in it's finest form. 

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