Friday, September 27, 2013

Horse Apple Hollow

I played golf (??) this afternoon at Chas Krutz' "Horse Apple Hollow" private golf course near Seward. Chas and his wife Mel have a beautiful 50 or so acres along Plum Creek. They have lived there for 50 years and continue to improve the place every day. Gene Oetting, Don Nelson and Jerry Irwin joined Chas and I for the "round". The course has some unique rules. For instance, you must improve your lie. Pins are permanent and are not removed. The Greens are a 5' diameter circle of sand on most holes (some are just grass) If your ball is within a club length of the pin, it's a gimme. There is no reason to use a putter. About half of the holes play across Plum Creek. There are more holes than fairways since some are multipurpose. It was an interesting afternoon. I probably enjoyed the wide variety of trees and shrubs as much as the golf. Chas was a most gracious host, and I can now cross this local attraction off my Bucket List. 

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