Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Animal Dung on Graveled Roads

You may wonder what this is and so do I. On our drive out in the "hills" yesterday, we came across several such substance on the graveled roads we traversed. When we saw our first of these substances, we didn't recognize them as animal dung. This "pile" is about 2 inches in diameter, and an inch and one half high. It is made up of 3-4 circles with the top one not much over an inch in diameter. Where there was one clump like this, there were 3-4  smaller pieces. Oddly, we must have seen 8-10 such clusters over a distance of 6--8 miles. All of the "deposits" appeared to be 2-4 days old. During the past few years, Farrel hogs have been identified in the area. My best guess is that it's Feral Hog Dung.  I would welcome any comments and corrections.

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  1. I believe this mystery has been solved. One of the fellows at coffee this morning who lives in the country, told of having seen sething very similar this time of year near his pond. We have many White Tailed Deer in the area and they eat a lot of maturing corn. It is just approaching the "dented" stage and while in the "dough" stage seems to cause Diarrhea in Deer. I can accept this as a solution to the mystery. This getting to know Dung isn't as simple as some may think.