Monday, September 2, 2013

Expanded Memorial Stadium

This is what the newly remodeled Memorial Stadium looked like on Saturday evening when 91,131 fans watched the Huskers win 37-34 over a very talented Wyoming team. Brett Smith, their Quarterback was very impressive. The Stadium was built with a capacity of 31,080 in 1923. Engraved in the SW corner Pillar was the words of Hartley Burr Alexander, “Not the Victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory.” I was familiar with the Inscription before ever seeing a game or being inside. It was clearly visible from 10th street which was our normal route into Lincoln. In 1940, the Henry Schulte Field House was built that contained the scoreboard and clock. The “knothole” bleachers set up beyond the south end zone was the location from where I saw my first game. Permanent bleachers were set up at the south end zone in 1964 increasing the capacity to 48,000. In 1965 bleachers were added to the center section of the north end zone over the top of the Schulte Field House taking it to 52,455. The north bleachers were expanded bringing the capacity up to 62,644 in1966. A press box was added in 1967 taking it to 64,170. South end zone bleachers were extended in 1972 allowing 73,650. To make room for Husker Vision and Handicapped seating in 2000, seating was reduced to 72,700. Sky boxes and additional Club seating was added in 1999, (74,056) but actually reduced to 73,918 in 2000 to make room for more Club seating. Significant changes were make in 2006 with Sky boxes added in the north end zone and other changes brought the capacity to 81,067. Now during the past year, sky boxes have been added on the east side along with other seating there making the total capacity up to that 91,000 level.

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