Sunday, September 8, 2013

35-mm Kodachrome Slides

We took a break from our Home Maintenance work today and enjoyed Verlon's being here as a social visit. He is shown here in my Den looking through some boxes of early 1950's, 35-mm Kodachrome slides. I bought the little "viewer" at an Auction some years ago which helps when looking for a specific picture. He was successful in finding the one he sought from the 2nd box. It is amazing how well the Kodachrome slides hold their color after 60 years. We took them down to WalMart this evening where they will put them on a DVD and print copies. We have left all of our early slides in their original boxes, dated, lettered, and with a few words of what is pictured. The boxes are filed in chronological order and stored in a big cardboard box. Over the years we have had many of the slides scanned and put on CD's or DVD's but there are many that have never been scanned. It continues to be a great source of family information 

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