Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Grass Seeding

The Nebraska-UCLA football game was on ABC at 11:00am this morning. With the Huskers up21-3 early in the game, I had every expectation of writing something about the game. However, when they ended on the short end of a final score of 41-21, I decided to write about something more interesting, like the backside of our house where we took out the large Pfitzer last week. I have worked the ground, scattered fertilizer and Blue Grass seed and have kept it watered down. Elaine helped as we also mowed the grass in the back yard. I did some adjusting to our lawn sprinklers now that we have new grass seeded. This may not be very interesting but it beats the Husker football game. I actually went to sleep watching it during the 4th quarter. 

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