Sunday, September 29, 2013

Calumet Baking Powder Bank

Among the items in the boxes of "stuff" I bought at the Auction yesterday was this empty Calumet Baking Powder can. While some people spent thousands of dollars yesterday at the Auction in Pierce, NE to acquire old vehicles that brought back memories of an earlier day, I got mine with this empty can. I earned my first money by shocking grain and raking scatterings with the thrashing run when I was 15 years old. We had very little "personal room" in our small farm home with 7 of us sharing 5 small rooms. Mother  gave me  a Calumet Baking Powder can which Mother had emptied in which to save my earnings. I didn't have a lot of money from that first summer's work but it helped me through my Junior Year of HS. I again shocked grain and ran a bundle wagon for the neighbors during the next summer. When the small grain harvest was over and I had my 16th birthday, I got a job on Highway Construction which gave me an opportunity to save enough in my "can"to get me through my Senior Year. It wasn't until  the next year when I had rented a farm in my name and opened a checking account at Cattle National Bank in Seward, that I "Out grew" my old can. It was great to get one back yesterday and reminisces about how important $15.00 were at one point in time. 

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