Thursday, September 19, 2013

Elaine in the Switchgrass

This picture was taken 25 years ago when we were raising Certified Trail Blazer Switchgrass out at our farm. The grass had headed-out and nearly reaches the height of Elaine's shoulders. I bring this out today after having "burned" a DVD that includes many of our pictures from 1985-2001. It's amazing how much information can be stored on one DVD. We already have all of our digital pictures from 2002 to the present time, on DVD's. This picture also caught my eye after having visited with Stan at coffee this morning about Switchgrass. He was not aware of how it looked so I had clipped a few heads and had them there for him to take with him. Switchgrass is a Native Warm Season grass that has been very popular for planting in mixtures with other warm season grasses on Conservation Reserve Land. "Trail Blazer" was the cultivar that we raised but new ones are being developed. It has been utilized to some extent for the production of Ethanol. As a perennial it has the potential to be a sustainable source of energy. In addition, it's beautiful to look at and makes excellent wildlife habitat. 

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