Friday, September 20, 2013

50 Years Ago

We moved back to the Washington, D.C. area of Northern Virginia during the summer of 1962. This picture was taken a year later and we became more comfortable exploring the sights of the area. The recent incident at the Navy Yard in the SE brought about some discussion of how we seldom crossed the Anacostia River. In fact we didn't get into the area SE of the Capitol very often. When we got to the Nationals Baseball Park a few years ago, it was all new territory to us. However, we did have the pleasure of visiting many parks and points of interest. The fact that there wasn't an admission fee was a factor. Our first few years back there were our most trying of "living within our income". We had to stretch our pennies as far then as at any time of our married life. What made it even more difficult was the friends of our kids having many of the things that weren't available to ours. I was reminded of that while picking up 8 phonographic records at a Garage Sale this morning. We were able to buy 2 new records during the first year that we lived back there, but we really appreciated them. (And, as you might expect, we still have them.)

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  1. I never felt deprived of anything, Dad! I think it taught me to be resourceful . . . remember how I used to sew skirts and buy "matching" sweaters at E.J.Korvette?