Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good Kids

This picture was taken 50 years ago at about this time of the season. "Ellen" the little girl in the center of the picture lived with her parents in one of our nearby Fairlington Apartments in Arlington, VA. We had been back there for a bit over a year at this time and were pretty well adjusted to the area. Verlon took a school bus to Gunston Jr. Hi. and the other 3 walked to Fairlington Elementary. Elaine had spent some time in the hospital and was recuperating at home at the time. President Kennedy was assassinated later in that fall. It happened on Jon's 9th birthday and a school party had been planned that was cancelled. Those were trying but happy years. I was on my way to a successful career in the USDA Soil Conservation Service though my 2-week take home pay was less than $300.  Elaine went to work for Civil Defense at the Pentagon about a year later which helped to make ends meet. Civil Service employment in those days was not as financially rewarding as private industry but it did provide for a good retirement annuity which we are enjoying today. It provided a good lesson in "deferred benefits". 

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