Monday, July 15, 2013

The Rock

As we grow older it becomes more difficult to accept change.  Maybe it's because we have seen too many examples where change isn't always for the better. Yet we accept the fact that it is a changing world and we cope with much of it. However, there is some comfort in having a few "benchmarks" that remain constant. One such item is this gray, glacial boulder in the pasture of the farm in the Bohemian Alps where I grew up.  A few years ago my brother Don and our wives had the opportunity to visit the old pasture where this picture was taken. The rock is located about 100' up a steep hill from the pasture gate and was always on the route to find the cattle. As a youngster, I would set  down on it and rest a while before continuing my chore. Dad had taught me that cattle like to graze into the wind in the summer time. But they could be out of sight to the east or west from this rock. While the distances seem to have shrunk over the years and even the rock isn't as large as I remembered, I know that it has not changed. Everything else about it has, including me, but the rock has remained the same: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It's well to be able to "count on" a few things like that. 

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