Friday, July 19, 2013

Lawn Sprinkler Head

A Rain-Bird underground lawn sprinkler system was installed in our yard when the house was built 44 years ago. The sprinkler heads were all brass and have held up very well for the most part. They have required a certain amount of maintenance which I was usually able to take care of. When there were problems with some of the heads in the past, I was able to get replacements locally at Orschlens. The head closest to the house, in the lawn corner between the driveway and sidewalk has given us problems. It seems to be plugged and produces a couple faint streams instead of a nice fine spray. We have tried everything to get it open but to no avail. We went to Orschelns and they don't carry them anymore. Rumery's has replacements but there was question if they would work for us. Merle's  man was not going to be back in till Monday so we did the next best thing. I got on the Internet and was able to find the one pictured on eBay, it should arrive Wednesday. Meanwhile, we continue to "tinker" with the old one by soaking, probing, blowing and whatever, trying to get it cleaned out. Any ideas would be appreciated

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