Saturday, July 13, 2013

3 Kids in the 30's

This picture was taken in about 1934. It is apparent that the drought and depression of the '30's was underway. Vivian would have been 10, Donnie going on 5 and I was nearly 9. My overalls were bought large enough to last me through a couple years of growth. It is apparent by the adjustment of the suspenders and the big cuffs. Vivian and I were about the same size before her "growth spurt". Donnie's appearance speaks for itself. He was a cute little kid and has retained that personality to this day. Old pictures bring back many memories, not only of the subject(s) being photographed but also of what shows up in the background. We are standing in front of a fence that kept the "free range" chickens out of the garden. The old tree behind us was near a cave where we stored potatoes. My Diary (1940-1945) tells of harvesting as many as 100 bushels of potatoes and putting them in the cave. It was a crude cave but provided adequate storage that they would keep throughout the winter and spring. It was always a challenge to have new potatoes for my June 25th birthday. Donnie brought some he had raised to us this year for my birthday last month which we enjoyed and kept the tradition in tact.  

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