Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sadie Welcoming US

Sadie greeted us at the front door when we stopped by to visit she and Julie recently. She does everything but walk by herself. Her little push toy is all she needs to give her the support to walk behind it all over the house. She will let go of what she is holding on to with one hand as she reaches for something with her other one. The flu bug seems to have hit them  the past couple days which  has slowed down her progress. But she is doing real well. 
I'm watching a "Nature" program on PBS showing the fledgling of young Bald Eagles. There is some interesting comparisons with birds leaning to fly and babies learning to walk. We are so enjoying being able to see Sadie's progress in everything she does. We were so busy when our own kids were in that early development stage that we took so much for granted. Plus we had so many demands on our time that we didn't realize how quickly they pass through each stage. The fact that all 4 of ours were so close together was also a factor.

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