Monday, July 8, 2013


Though an occasional error slips through on some of my blog pages, this is the reason they are not more. Little has been said about Elaine's help in "publishing" the number of pages we have over the past 2-3 years, but she has been of great assistance. She not only does the final editing but is usually available to help me with spelling and in helping  remember the names of people, places and things. We do these blogs primarily for the benefit of family and friends. Many of us wish we would have taken advantage of visiting with our grandparents while they were with us and learning more about their lives and times. We hope these pictures and thoughts will help provide some of that kind of information. While most of the "hits" on the site come from the United States and Canada, what is surprising is the number  that come from China and Manchuria. I rationalize it with the Orientals learning the English language and using these  pages as an example of "common expression". 

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