Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stella de Oro Day Lilies

This is one of our Stella de Oro Day Lilies. We had not heard about this variety until a mass planting of them was made at the Seward Library when it was landscaped 11 years ago. Ours have not done as well as many others we have seen around town. Julie and John have a planting of them in front of their house which are very nice. The foliage makes a nice cover even when they are not in bloom. Seward is already in a Holiday Mode for the big 4th of July celebration.  The carnival is set up, decorations have gone up on businesses as well as residences. Many yards along the parade route are "reserved" with little fences and in some cases, blankets already down on the grass. There are several events scheduled for tomorrow, (the 3rd) including a 140 year anniversary celebration of the Cattle National Bank and Trust. We hope our exceptionally nice weather continues for the next couple days. 

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