Friday, July 5, 2013

1936 Oliver Hart-Parr

This 1936 Oliver Hart-Parr was among the antique tractors I enjoyed seeing as I walked home from our Kitone concert at the Civic Center yesterday.  Wagenknechts bought one like this just about the same year as this one. I even remember the little "Lister shaped" radiator cap on theirs. Fritz, the oldest son would drive the tractor past our place as they lived just an eighth of a mile east of us and had another farm just that same distance west of us. Their tractor had skeleton hind wheels and cast iron front wheels. The front wheels were shaped so they could be turned and would stay on listed corn ridges for the first cultivating. They had 6-cylinder engines and ran quietly compared to a John Deere, Case or International. We bought our first Oliver 70 in 1945 which Brother Don drove while I operated a Model A JD. Gnats, bees and other insects seemed to be attracted to Don on the "purring" Oliver more than me on the "popping" JD. We never learned whether it was the sound of the engine, smell of the tractor, or whatever. There were Oliver's in the family till Dad retired from farming in 1973. I had a little Oliver 60 back in the late '50's that I used in converting an eroded 160 acre "row-crop" farm to grassland. They were great tractors. 

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